Ministry Of Finance, Department Of Revenue

"COVID-19" - Trade Facilitation Measures


Public Notice No Subject Date
No.13/2020 Customs - Trade Facilitation - Clearance of Import Cargo - possible delay in filing B/E due to precautionary measures on account of the outbreak of Corona Virus - Waiver of the late fee under Sec 46 (3) of the Customs Act, 1962 - Regarding. 26-03-2020
No.14/2020 Customs - Schemes of Rebate of State and Central Taxes and Levies (RoSCTL) and Additional AD-hoc Incentive for export of garments and made-ups - Regarding. 08-04-2020
No.15/2020 Measure to facilitate trade during the lockdown period - section 143AA of the Customs Act, 1962 - Regarding. 08-04-2020
No.16/2020 Implementation of automated clearance on All-India basis - Regarding. 09-04-2020
No.17/2020 Electronic Sealing - Deposit in and removal of goods from customs bonded warehouses - Regarding. 09-04-2020
No.18/2020 COVID-19 facilitation measures - Temporary provision for filling IGM/EGM without submission of hard copy - Regarding. 09-04-2020
No.19/2020 COVID-19 facilitation measures procedure for assesment incase of non submission of original country of origin certificates - Regarding. 09-04-2020
Circualr No.1/2020 Customs - Issuing of Online Customs Cargo Pass for hassle free movement of Export and Import Cargo - Regarding. 13-04-2020
No.20/2020 Paperless Customs - Electronic Communication of PDF based Gatepass and OOC copy of bill of entry to Custom brokers / importers - Regarding. 15-04-2020
No.21/2020 Amendment of public notice No 19/2020-Cus dated 09.04.2020 on COVID19 facilitation measures procedure of assesment incase of nonsubmission of Original Country of Origin Certificates - Regarding. 21-04-2020
No.22/2020 Review of Circular No 17/2020 dated 03.04.2020 namely, Measures to facilitate trade during the lockdown period - section 143AA of the Customs Act 1962 - Regarding. 22-04-2020
No.23/2020 IGST refunds on exports extension in SB005 alternate mechanism - Regarding. 22-04-2020
No.24/2020 Electronics Sealing - Deposit in and removal of goods from customs boned warehouses - Regarding. 22-04-2020
No.25/2020 Customs Guidelines for conduct of personal hearnings in virtual mode under customs act 1962 - Regarding. 28-04-2020
Advisory No 1 Advisory for non charging of container detention charges and ground rent charges during the lockdown period - Regarding. 30-04-2020