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Public Notice No Subject Date
NO.01/2016 SEVOTTAM - implementation of SEVOTTAM in Kakinada Custom House / Krishnapatnam Custom House - Regarding 14-01-2016
NO.02/2016 Customs - 24 x 7 Customs Clearance Operations at Krishnapatnam Sea Port in SPSR Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh - Reg. 18-01-2016
NO.03/2016 Customs- Import - providing double Customs Notifications benefits in EDI - Regarding. 25-01-2016
NO.04/2016 Procedure for online clearance of goods to special Ecoonomic zone - reg' 25-01-2016
NO.05/2016 Customs Movement of import containers from M/s.Krishnapatnam Port container Terminal (Kpct) to M/s.Krishnapatnam bay area CFS(KBACFS)-Issue of Public Notice - Reg. 25-01-2016
NO.06/2016 Customs - valuation of Second Hand Machinety, Goods etc - Empanelment of Chartered Bngineers - Reg. 17-03-2016
NO.07/2016 Customs - Issue of Indian Currency Note - Foreign going vessels - Instructions - Issue of Public Notice Reg. 01-04-2016
NO.08/2016 Customs FacilitY for duties at State Bank Branch - Reg. 05-04-2016
NO.10/2016 customs - clarification regarding self-sealing and selfexemption of Bulk Cargo _ R.g. 15-04-2016
NO.11/2016 Customs - Compliance Measures (ISPM-l5) in exPorters - regarding. 23.05.2016
NO.13/2016 Amendment to Ch IX of the Customs Act, L962 - Reg. 14.05.2016
NO.14/2016 Customs - Introduction of 'Indirect Tax Dispute Resolution Scheme, 2016 - Regarding. 30.06.2016
NO.15/2016 Public Notice No 15 2016 cus 21.07.2016
NO.16/2016 Customs- "G" Card Examination-lssue of Public Notice - Reg 24.08.2016
NO.17/2016 To streamline the Boarding procedure-reg' 09.09.2016
NO.18/2016 Customs-Implementation of Rebate of State Levies on Textile Garments (ROSL) - Reg. 23.09.2016
NO.19/2016 Customs-Advisory on introdcution of special advanced Authorisation scheme- reg 23.09.2016
NO.20/2016 Inviting applications under Regulatioa 4 of Customs Sroters Litinsing Regulations, 2013 for conducting the written examination under Regulation to be held on'20-01-2O17 ' 28-09-2016
NO.21/2016 Customs -Implementation of SEIS Scheme in ICES 1.5Reg' 08-11-2016
NO.22/2016 Customs -Notification of FSSAI's Authorised Officer under Section 47(5) of FSS Act,2006- Reg. 18.11.2016
NO.23/2016 Introduction of lab module in ICES 1.5 for use by CRCL Textile committee and other agencies -reg 29.11.2016
NO.24/2016 Abolition of Mate receipt for Containerised cargo - reg 29.11.2016
NO.25/2016 Customs-Entry of factory stuffed(including self sealed) export containers into port terminals prior to LEO - Reg. 29.11.2016
NO.26/2016 RTI- Launch of RTI web portal for online filing of RTI applications-Creation of User names and passwords for accessing RTI Online portal-Request for placing of Public Notices in CPC, Vij ayawada website -Regarding. 23-08-2016
NO.27/2016 Customs -setting up of 'Customs Clearance Facilitation Committee(CCFC) for lCD, Marripalem- Reg. 28.12.2016
NO.28/2016 Correlating the 2017 version to the 2012 version of WCO Harmonised system w.e.f. 01.01.2017 - Reg 28.12.2016