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Public Notice No Subject Date
NO.01/2017 customs-New Authorized Economic operator programme Reg 6-02-2017
NO.02/2017 Improving Ease of doing business- Examination / lnspection of goods under Import without Delivery Order - And lssuance of Electronic delivery orders- Reg l6-02-2017
NO.03/2017 Customs- Notification of FSSAI's Authorised officer under section 47(5) of FSS Act ,2006-- Reg 28-02-2017
NO.04/2017 Recognition of 'Customs Brokers Association' - -Enrolment of Customs Brokers as Members of the Association - Reg. 09-03-2017
NO.05/2017 Customs-lmplementation of ROSL for made ups (Chapter63) with effect from 23/3/2017- Reg. 22-03-2017
NO.06/2017 Sanction of Drawback on the basis of 'Truck Summary' filed by the Custodian of ICD - Reg. 10-04-2017
NO.07/2017 Customs-Procedure of Export of bulk/bagged cargo through Krishnapatnam Port, Nellore - Reg. 12-04-2017
NO.08/2017(RTI) PUBLIC NOTICE NO 08 2017 DT 19.05. 17 19-05-2017
NO.09/2017 Customs- GST roll out and preparations thereof- Advisory on Custom related matters- Reg 23-06-2017
NO.10/2017 Implementation of GST in customs - changes in BE/sB Declaration Reg. 28-06-2017
NO.11/2017 PUBLIC NOTICE NO 11 2017 DT 28 06 17 28-06-2017
NO.12/2017 Customs - GST roll out and preparations thereof Guidance note to Importers and Exporters - Reg. 30-06-2017
NO.13/2017 Expansion of 24x 7 customs clearance and clarification of MOT charges in CFSs attached to z4x 7 ports - Regarding. 27-07-2017
NO.14/2017 Compliance of International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM-rs) in respect of wood packing material by export, - Regarding. 04-08-2017
NO.15/2017 Customs - Drawback of Integrated Tax and Compensation Cess paid on imported goods upon re-export under Section 74 of the Customs Act, 1962 11-8-2017
NO.16/2017 Customs - Amendments effective from 1.7.20l7 to the All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback and other Drawback related changes - reg. 10-08-2017
NO.17/2017 Customs - Fixation of Brand Rate of drawback under Rule 6 and Rule 7 ofthe Customs, Central Excise Duties & Service Tax Drawback Rules, 1995 in the GST scenario - regarding. 10-8-2017
NO.18/2017 Customs - Duty Drawback for supplies made by DTA units to Special Economic Zones in the GST scenario - regarding. 10-8-2017
NO.20/2017 Export procedure and sealing of containerized cargo-regarding. 10-8-2017
NO.21/2017 Revised rates of Rebate of State Levies on Export of Garments and textile made-up articles w.e.f. 01.07.2017- regarding. 10-8-2017
NO.22/2017 Operational problems being faced by EOU in GST regime consequent to amendment in Notification no. 52/2003-Customs dated 31-3-2oo3- regarding. 10-8-2017
NO.23/2017 Detailed guidelines for re-testing of samples - regarding. 10-8-2017
NO.24/2017 Extending the Single Window Interface for Facilitation of Trade (SWIFT) in Exports with WCCB to all EDI locations - regarding. 10-8-2017
NO.25/2017 Clarification regarding exports under claim for drawback in the GST scenario - regarding. 10-8-2017
NO.26/2017 Leviability of Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) on High Sea Sales of imported goods and point of collection thereof regarding 10-8-2017
NO.27/2017 Implementing Electronic Sealing for containers by exporters under self sealing procedure prescribed vide circular No.26/2017-Customs dated 01-07-2017 - regarding 29-8-2017
NO.28/2017 Customs- Formation of export facilitation centers in the jurisdication of the commissioner of customs(preventive) 05-09-2017
Corrigendum NO.28/2017 corrigendum to the public notice number 28/2017 dated 05.09.2017 11-09-2017
NO.29/2017 Inviting applications under Regulation 4 of Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations, 2015 for conducting the written examination under Regulation to be held on 19-01-2015 - Regarding. 11-09-2017
NO.30/2017 Customs - Formations of Export Facilitation centers in the jurisdiction of the commissioner of customs(preventive), Vijayawada to facilitate issue of one time self sealing permission in terms of circular no 26/2017-customs, dated 01/07/2017 read with circular no36/2017-customs, dated 28/08/2017 - Regarding. 15-09-2017
NO.31/2017 Implementing Electronic Sealing for containers by exporters under self-sealing procedure prescribed by Circular 26/2017-Cus dated 1st July, 2017 and. Circular 36/2017 dated 28th August , 2017 - regarding. 15-09-2017
NO.32/2017 In partial modification to the Public Notice No. 11/2017 (RTI) dated 28.06.2017, issued in accordance with the provisions of Section 5(1) of the Right to Information Act, 2005, this is to inform all concerned that the name and designation of the CPIO for the- Sl.No.4 of the Annexure to the said Public Notice No. 11/2017-RTI dt 28.06.2017 may be read as mentioned hereunder, with immediate effect. 22-09-2017
NO.33/2017 The Customs and Central Excise Duties Drawback Rules, 2017 and all lndustry Rates (AlRs) of Drawback related changes - regarding. 25-09-2017
NO.34/2017 Amendment to Customs Valuation Rules - Notification No.91/2017(NT) dated 26.9.17 - Regarding. 05-10-2017
NO.35/2017 clarification on issues related to furnishing of Bond/Letter of Undertaking for exports - Regarding. 11-10-2017
NO.36/2017 -Refund of IGST paid on export of goods under Rules 96 of CGST Rules 2017 - Regarding. 13-10-2017
NO.37/2017 Implementing Electronic Sealing for Containers by errporters under self-sealing procedure prescribed by circular 26/2017-Cus dated 1st July 2017, circular 36/2017 dated 28.8.2017 and 37 / 2017 dated 20.9.2017- Regardirg. 31-10-2017
NO.38/2017 Refund of IGST paid on export of goods under RuIe 96 of CGST Rules, 2017 - Regarding. 08-11-2017
NO.39/2017 Applicability of IGST / GST on goods transferred / sold while being deposited in a warehouse - Regarding. 07-12-2017
NO.40/2017 Drawing of samples for the purpose of grant of drawback Regarding. 07-12-2017
NO.41/2017 Customs - Re-organisation of Customs Commissionerate (Preventive), Vijayawada consequent to transferring the customs functions hitherto handled by Central Excise Officers post implementation of GST - regarding. 15-12-2017
NO.42/2017 Clarification on Customs (Import of Goods at Concessional Rate of Duty) Rules, 2017 - Regarding. 12-10-2017
NO.43/2017 Refund/Claim of Countervailing duty as Duty Drawback Regarding. 12-10-2017
NO.44/2017 Implementing Electronic Sealing for Containers by exporters under self-sealing procedure by Circular 26/2017-Cus dated 01.07.2017, 36/2017 dated 28.08.2017, 37/2017 dated 20,09.2017, 41/2017 dated 30.10.2017 and 44/2017 dated 18.11.2017 - Regarding. 12-10-2017
NO.45/2017 Customs Revised guidelines for setting up of ICD/CFS/AFS regarding. 02-01-2018